For nearly 20 years, AeroBed has been the leading innovator of premium, stylish and technologically-advanced air mattresses. The AeroBed Comfort Anywhere adds to that list of high-quality air beds, and it’s one of their few models that have a headboard rest feature.

It does look nice and welcoming especially if you plan on having guests over. Despite having a high rating for an air mattress, it’s not 100% perfect, and in this review, I’ll be going into details about the good and the not so good points for this air bed.

Average Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

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At A Glance


aerobed comfort anywhere queen size air mattress review

The AeroBed Comfort Anywhere is a solidly built queen size air mattress with a luxurious look. It ranks higher than most air mattresses. Click here to see it now.

tickHeadboard Design: You won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night without a pillow, as the headboard keeps your pillows in place.
tickQueen Size: A proper queen size air mattress, which gives couples plenty of space.
tickRaised Air Mattress: At 18 inches high, it’s practically around the same height as a conventional bed, which allows you to get in and out of bed easier.
tickSuede Top: The soft flocked sleeping surface provides extra comfort, and is also waterproof.
tickHandheld Control: For extra convenience, a handheld control to inflate the bed is attached to the pump, which is especially useful for individuals who have trouble getting in and out of bed.
tickBuilt-in AC Pump: The 120V air pump can inflate and deflate the mattress under two minutes.
tickGreat Customer Service: At the end of 2010, Coleman purchased AeroBed, and now all AeroBed products receive the benefit of Coleman’s superb customer service.


crossHeavy: The weight of the entire frame is around 25-30 lbs, making it one of the heavier air mattresses, which means that it will not be suitable for camping trips or traveling.


Customer Feedback

The people that know best about the product are those who have actually purchased and tested it out over a period of time. I’ve researched over 50 positive and negative user reviews on Amazon to provide you with a general consensus of customer experiences with the AeroBed Comfort Anywhere Air Mattress.

Construction & Durability

Constructed of puncture resistant PVC and featuring a heavy-duty foundation, it’s fair to say that the AeroBed Comfort Anywhere Air Mattress is durable enough to withstand its capacity of 600 lbs, and also to not be easily punctured either accidentally or around the seams.

Construction and durability.Around 11.7% of customer reviews consists of a 2 star rating or lower on Amazon, which is a good figure, and better than the majority of air mattresses around.

Like with all air mattresses, it is prone to air leaks and punctures, but this model tends to handheld those issues a bit better, and that’s largely due to its thick top layer and a simple horizontal chamber design, which has a reduced amount of seams and crevices therefore, making it less likely to tear. The chambers also provides body support and prevents the bed from sagging.

The headboard is attached to the bottom of the air bed, which allows a bit of spacing between the headboard itself and the air bed. This allows a bed sheet to be tucked in. But because of the headboard, the total weight of the air bed is roughly between 25-30 lbs, making it heavier than many other air beds, which makes it less suitable for backpacking or hiking type camping trips.


Built-in Pump & Handheld Inflation ControlAir Pump

There’s nothing that really special about the built-in AC pump, as its basic and does what it’s intended to do, which is pump up the bed. It can however, fully inflate the air mattress in less than 2 minutes, which is a good time.

It has also been pointed out that the air pump is relatively quiet compared to most other air mattresses that have built-in pumps. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about waking the neighbors at night.

There’s a large air valve which allows the mattress to deflate quickly, but unfortunately, there is no inlet for an external air pump. So if you’re planning on taking this on a trip, then you’d need a DC inverter or a portable power generator.

Probably the best thing about the air pump is that the bed can be inflated on a separate handheld control, which is especially useful for individuals who want to increase the firmness, and have difficulty getting in and out of bed to reach the main switch.



As expected from an AeroBed air mattress, the large majority of users find this bed comfortable with its soft flocked sleeping surface. It has also been proven to be effective for individuals with back problems, as one user who has multi-level spinal degeneration has mentioned.

Bed sheets can be tucked in.

Bed sheet can be tucked, but not so tightly. It’s better to use a fitted standard queen size bed sheet.

If preferred, a standard fitted queen size bed sheet can secure itself around the middle perimeter of the bed frame. A non-fitted bed sheet can also be used, but contrary to what’s seen the picture, it cannot be tucked in deep and tight enough to be secure. The slippery material doesn’t help to hold the bed sheet in place either.

The headboard is very useful, since it keeps your pillows in place. You no longer have to worry about your pillows being on the floor during the middle of the night.

Like with all other air mattresses, you may experience a plastic smell when you first take the air bed out of its box, but the smell doesn’t linger, and it dissipates after a short while. Some users say one night, others say several nights, but that all depends on how well the bed is aired out.

Air loss is normal for air mattresses, especially during initial nights where the material is first stretching out. With the AeroBed Comfort Anywhere, you’ll experience much less air loss than seen in other air beds. Most permanent users (individuals who sleep on it night after night for more than one month at a time) have said that it only requires air top up every 2-3 weeks on average.



AeroBed Comfort Headboard
Average User Rating4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
Available SizesQueen
Pump TypeBuilt-in AC
Approx. Inflation Time120 secs
Weight Capacity600 lbs
Flocked Sleeping Surface
Accessories- Built-in Pump
- Carry Bag
- Manual
Approx. Weight (pounds)25 - 30 lbs
Inflated Dimensions (inches)78" x 60" x 18"
Warranty1 Year


Video Demo

The demonstration video below shows the exact same model as in this review. Please note that in the UK, they refer to US queen size as king size, though they’re both the same dimensions.


My Conclusion

  • It’s a well-constructed and generally reliable premium air mattress.
  • Does a great job at retaining air, and only requires a top-up every few weeks if used permanently.
  • Not so great for taking on camping trips or traveling, but makes for an excellent guest bed.
  • The handheld inflation control makes it well suited for people who have trouble getting in and out of bed.

The headboard, comfort and overall solid construction provides the AeroBed Comfort Anywhere Air Mattress with a luxurious and premium look and feel. It’s initial price tag was way too much, but fortunately, it has been lowered to a much more reasonable price.

It’s durable enough to be used as a semi-permanent bed for example, consecutive nights for 1-2 months at a time, and its appearance and reliability makes for a great guest bed.

Average Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

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