what is the best air mattress for everyday useAny air mattress that is under $300 is not designed for everyday use. Instead, they’re intended to be used occasionally, perhaps several times over the period of a few months, and maybe more depending on its quality. You would have to spend thousands to for a permanent air mattress.

However, there are some exceptionally high quality air mattresses way under $300 that can be used everyday, as long as they’re well looked after. Before I tell you what they are, let’s take a look at what makes an air mattress good enough to be used permanently.

  • High Quality Materials: The cheapest and lowest quality material to be used in inflatables is vinyl. However, with the correct gauge thickness, and air bed design, an air mattress made from vinyl can still last long. Ideally, you would want thick gauge PVC or TPU.
  • Strong Stitching: The most common areas that tears and punctures occur is around the seams, usually due to poor stitching. The less seams an air mattress has and the stronger the stitching is, the longer your air bed is likely to last.
  • Airtight System: You’ve probably heard about, or even experienced, frequent air loss in air mattresses during the night. This is because of the material stretching, which is normal in the first few days of inflation, but if it continues to happen, then you have a poor quality air mattress. Also, air can leak out the valve, so you need to beware of air mattresses that don’t have tight lock valves.

The following three air mattresses match the above criteria, and are what I consider to be the best air mattresses for everyday use.


SimplySleeper Series Air Mattress

Average User Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

SimplySleeper SS-89Q Queen Size Air MattressThe SimplySleeper air mattress line is constructed from a patented breathable Durmothane Polyester (Heavy Gauge Durable PVC) Laminate Technology. The triple layer ensures that it is stretch resistant and very difficult to puncture. You won’t find this type of material use in any other air mattress.

It also has a patented force-induced valve system which helps to keep air inside, so that you don’t wake up to a softer air mattress. Not only is it sturdy, it’s also very comfortable thanks to its microfiber sleeping surface. You can read my full review of the twin version here (it also comes in full and queen sizes).


Insta-Bed Never Flat Air Mattress

Average User Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

what is the best air mattress for everyday useNo longer do you have to worry about your air mattress losing air in the middle of the night. The Insta-Bed’s Never Flat air pump activates whenever it detects a drop in air pressure, and begins to silently top up air to maintain your desired firmness.

Though it’s constructed from vinyl, the gauge is thick, it’s well constructed and it also has an even thicker flocked sleeping surface, adding to its durability. You can read my full review here.


SoundAsleep Dream Air Mattress

Average User Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

SoundAsleep Dream Raised Air BedThe SoundAsleep Dream is an air mattress that experiences a very low amount of air loss, high durability and supreme comfort, which is why it’s currently the highest rated air mattress on Amazon, despite being a relatively newcomer.

It’s constructed of heavy gauge PVC and an extra-thick waterproof flocked top that has 40 comfort coils which adds durability and body support. Add to the fact that it’s insanely great value for money, it’s hard to go wrong with this air mattress. You can see it here.


Quick Luxe Sky Blue Air Mattress

Average User Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Quick Luxe Sky Blue Queen Size Air MattressIt’s aesthetically pleasing and one of the most comfortable air mattresses. However, the Quick Luxe Sky Blue air mattress isn’t all flash and no substance.

It actually has one of the lowest defect rates of all air mattresses, at only 2.5%, while the industry standard is 7.5%.

It’s constructed from a thick gauge non-toxic vinyl, with slightly raised edges to maintain the bed’s shape and to prevent you from rolling off. You can read the full review of their queen size model here.


Final Thoughts

You must bear in mind that any type of air mattress that is designed for temporary use, regardless of how high quality it is, will be likelier to have air leaks and punctures if you use it everyday. Given the nature of air beds, this shouldn’t come as any surprise.

I recommend the above air mattresses simply because when compared to other temporary air mattresses, they are stronger and much likelier to last longer. If you want to take the correct measures to keep your air mattress from deflating, I highly recommend that you read this article here.