Some people already know whether they’re going to get a low profile or raised air mattress, but there are other factors, other than your own sleeping preference, which can make you a bit more indecisive.

After helping one of my friend’s parents, who was deciding on whether to buy a low or raised air mattress (they chose a raised model in the end), I thought it would be useful to include this article to help those of are wondering the same thing.

I will explain the differences between both of them, and why you might want to choose that particular style of bed.


Low Profile Air Mattress

The reasons why you might want to buy a low profile air mattress are:

  • low profile air mattressLow Cost: It’s generally cheaper than raised air mattresses, so if you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind sleeping low, this is ideal.
  • More Portable: It’s more compact when rolled/folded up, and weighs less, making it ideal for camping, traveling and backpacking situations.
  • Safer: Since the bed is lower to the ground, this makes it safer for individuals who roll about often in their sleep. This is an important factor especially for children.
  • Inflates Faster: It’s faster to inflate a low profile air mattress compared to a raised model, sometimes even cutting the inflation time in half. Again, this is ideal for traveling situations.
  • Lower Defect Rates: Generally, there is less likelihood that a low profile air mattress will experience air leaks, tears and punctures. This is attributed to its smaller and simpler construction.

The height for a raised air mattress will usually be between 6 – 12 inches when it’s fully inflated.


Raised Air Mattress

The reasons why you might want to buy a raised air mattress are:

  • raised air mattressBetter For Homes: If you plan on keeping the air bed a permanent piece of furniture in your home, then its size shouldn’t be much of a problem.
  • Closer To A Conventional Bed: It has more or less the same height as a conventional bed, therefore, providing it with the same look and feeling when it comes to getting in and out of bed.
  • More Convenient: Due to its height, it’s more suited for individuals who have existing injuries or disabilities that makes it difficult to get down to a low position.
  • More Variety: There’s a wider range of raised air mattresses to choose from in comparison with low profile models.
  • Better Technology: The premium air mattresses with the better technology is usually found on raised models.

The height for a raised air mattress will usually be between 18 – 22 inches when it’s fully inflated.


Final Thoughts

I have always preferred sleeping on raised air mattresses, and if it wasn’t for my occasional travel and camping trips, it would have been permanent. That’s not to say that low profile air mattresses are not comfortable, because certain models can be just as comfortable, but raised models provide me with more convenience.

I know some people who don’t have any disabilities or injuries, and don’t even travel, but they prefer sleeping on low air mattresses. Ultimately, your decision will be based upon the factors above and which ones are more of a priority for you.