It’s not unusual to see people sleep on an air mattress one night, and from that point on, make it their permanent place of rest. Though I have yet to make that transition myself, I can definitely see why people do it, which leads me to write this article.

If you’re still unaware of the benefits that getting an air mattress will bring, then here are 5 of the top reasons why people buy air mattresses.


1) Transportability

air mattress for camping and traveling

Air mattresses are great for camping and traveling.

For frequent campers and travelers, an air mattress would not only be convenient, but ideal. Many of them can be inflated quickly, and be deflated just as fast, and then rolled up and put away inside the usually supplied carry bag.

As a matter of fact, there are many different types and sizes of air mattresses catered to campers and travelers. If you’re going away on a family trip, then queen size air beds are suitable, but if you’re going solo, then you’d probably want to get a twin air bed instead.

If you’re a regular camper, then you would probably already know about air pads, which are basically very thin and lightweight self-inflating air mattresses that have layers of foam inside. Although not as comfortable as proper air mattresses, they’re definitely easier to set up and to carry around.

You can check out some reliable and bestselling air mattresses for camping and traveling here.


2) Health Benefits

If you’re suffer from any back pains, then you’ll sigh a breath of relief upon learning that an air mattress can help to alleviate your pain.

This is possible because many air beds that have built-in pumps, and even one’s that use the right type of external air pumps, have the ability to adjust the firmness of the sleeping surface to accommodate different body weights, sizes and shapes.

It has been proven that this is a major factor in the healing process. Granted, conventional mattresses have the options to do this also, but at a much higher cost than an air bed.

If you do have back problems and want to try out an air mattress, then you should go for a raised air mattress instead of a low profile one, simply because it will be easier to get in and out of.


3) Comfortable Sleeping

Are you having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep every night?

air mattress comfortable sleeping

You’re likely to be sleeping comfortably.

Then an air mattress might be the solution for you. It helped a friend of mine, who is by no means an insomniac, but he’s a very light sleeper and upon switching to an air bed, not only did he find it much more comfortable, but he said he’s had “some of the best sleeps ever”.

I explained above how an air mattress can accommodate to your body shape, weight and size to provide you with health benefits, but many air mattresses also have sleeping surfaces that are flocked, microfiber or suede. This gives the bed a soft texture which makes it a lot more comfortable.

Though they’re not intended to be permanent sleeping sports, many people make it that way, and it’s no wonder why they never go bed to their original beds after sleeping on an air mattress. You can see what my recommendations are for the most comfortable air mattresses here.


4) Great For Guests

If you want to be a great host, then you should always try to make your guests as comfortable as possible if you have them stay overnight, whether it’s friends or family.

Even an inexpensive low profile air bed is better than sleeping on a cold hard floor. If you don’t have a spare bedroom, then it’s easy just to inflate an air bed and turn the lounge into a temporary bedroom.

This is a common occurrence for me since I only have one bedroom in my apartment, so whenever friends come to stay over, the lounge becomes their bedroom. I would imagine a lot of other people do the same too, or is it just me? Read about the best air mattresses for guests here.


5) Temporary Or Permanent Use

temporary and permanent air beds

Great for temporary and permanent use.

Unless you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on one of those high-end air mattresses, then an air mattress is only intended to be used temporarily either for camping, traveling or for occasional guests.

Though this is the case, I know some people who use theirs every single night without any signs that their air bed will give way. Of course, this will only be suitable providing that you got yourself a high-quality and durable air mattress.

And if you never settle in one place too long, staying in a college dorm room or staying over your friend’s house (and don’t want to sleep on a cold hard floor!), then an air mattress would be ideal also. There are so many different situations you may need a temporary air mattress, that can also be used permanently. Find out what air mattresses are best for everyday use.